BBDSP "Mean Green"

BBDSP "Mean Green" 1.01

Multi-use audio tuner program

"BBDSP ""Mean Green"" is a multi-use tuner program. It can be used as a chromatic musical instrument tuner that can run alongside a digital audio workstation (DAW), an adjustable tone generator, or a metronome that supports simple beat patterns.

The tuner can capture audio signals through standard Windows device that allows you to virtually plug into any input device interface, including standard line and mic in.

BBDSP “Mean Green” translates the captured audio signals into notes that can be displayed on your computer screen to assist in tuning different musical instruments or vocals.

It also has a built-in mini-mode that can minimize the amount of screen consumed, so that it can work flawlessly with your DAW software at the same time.

BBDSP “Mean Green” is both convenient and efficient. It can be used by music editors, audio editors, and other professionals for their different audio or music tuning and editing needs.

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BBDSP "Mean Green"


BBDSP "Mean Green" 1.01

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